Friday, February 9, 2018

Sunol The Bobcat is Back!

In the late summer of 2016, our team found this cute bobcat kitten alone and abandoned on the embankment of the replacement Calaveras Dam under construction.

Image courtesy of W.E.R.C

Our Environmental Inspector, Bill Stagnaro and Geologist, Carrie Dovzak, arranged for the kitten to be transferred to the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center (W.E.R.C) in Morgan Hill, California. The W.E.R.C Center has a world-renowned bobcat kitten program. This program ensures that single orphans such as Sunol, as she was later named, do not become habituated during their time in care. They help socialize the orphan and reinforce bobcat behavior, such as hunting and stalking techniques.

Sunol was recently released, with the permission from California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and the Park Rangers.  During her release, she was given plenty of water, prey, and cover to help ensure her long-time survival.

Image courtesy of W.E.R.C

Image courtesy of W.E.R.C

Bobcats, also called lynx rufus, are found throughout the United States. They are nocturnal animals that hunt small rodents. Many people confuse them for mountain lions even though they are much smaller.

We wish Sunol a very happy life in her native home.

See you around the valley!

For more information on the Bobcat rehabilitation program at W.E.R.C go to:

Friday, February 2, 2018

Winter at Calaveras Dam

There is plenty of work happening during this winter season at the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project.  Although our construction team is not working on the dam’s embankment, they're keeping busy with other important construction projects that need to be completed before spring. Here is a glimpse of the work in progress.

Our team is working hard to construct some of the support facilities. Support facilities such as: the stream maintenance vault, the downstream toe electrical building and all of the electrical equipment are needed to operate the outlet works.

V34 Vault

Electrical Panels for Stream Maintenance Vault

Electrical Panel in Downstream Toe Building

Our team continues to prepare the left abutment foundation. Part of this job entails removing a temporary tieback retaining wall. This temporary tieback retaining wall was needed during the construction of the spillway to support an ancient landslide.

Tie Backs

During the past two weeks, our team has been working hard installing the last of our piezometers. For more information on our internal and external instrumentation, reference our November 7, 2017 and December 15, 2017 blog posts.

Drill Rig for Insturmentation


Our crew is working hard to finish these projects before the spring time. As you can see, there is a lot of activity happening in the winter months.

See you around the valley!