Friday, November 18, 2016

Fish Passage Facilities Project Celebrates Milestone for the Season

This week, the construction teams for the Fish Passage Facilities within Alameda Creek Watershed Project celebrated a few milestones. In preparation for the winter, much work must be completed within the stream. They have completed critical in-water work within the stream bed for the season. This work included completion of the conveyance structure. We also completed a concrete slab for the intake structure. The new intake structure will be constructed next year. All of this was work was completed while maintaining a safety record with zero recordable incidents this year.

View of conveyance structure completed with the Alameda Creek Diversion Dam in the background. The stream channel was also backfilled with river rock to winterize the site.

The construction teams took a break for a photo today
to celebrate maintaing a safety record for the project

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