Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31st is National Dam Safety Awareness Day

Each year, the nation commemorates May 31st as National Dam Safety Awareness Day. We have an important dam under construction here in Sunol Valley – the Calaveras Dam. Dams play a critical role in our water supply. 

Why is it important?
  • Calaveras Reservoir, impounded by Calaveras Dam, when full provides half of Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System's Bay Area storage
    • Upon completion, we will have a new seismically upgraded dam with a structural height of 220 feet, a crest length of 1210 feet and width of 80 feet at the crest and 1180 feet at the base
    • It is crucial to the reliability of the water supply of 2.6 million people during emergencies and in times of drought
    Today reminds us just how critical our work is here in Sunol Valley to rebuild the Calaveras Dam.

    The following organizations have joined forces to commemorate National Dam Safety Awareness Day on May 31 - the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI), Association of State Dam Safety Officials, National Hydropower Association, U.S. Society on Dams and American Society of Civil Engineers. Check out their news:

    Calaveras Dam under construction today

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