Friday, May 8, 2015

It’s National Safety Week!

Every year, more than 80,000 workers suffer an injury on construction job sites across the U.S.  Any one incident is one too many. Life is too precious to not make safety the number one focus in the U.S. construction industry. This week from May 3rd through May 9th, construction firms nationwide have joined forces to inspire everyone in the industry to be leaders in safety.

Here at the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project, the project team had a lot to celebrate. Over 150,000 work hours have been reached with zero safety recordable incidents since October 2014. Given the size of the machinery we are using on the site, the complexity of the work, and the sheer number of activities on site each day, this is truly remarkable. Safety is important to our teams as we build the replacement Calaveras Dam. Every morning this week, the teams had a special safety topic to remind workers the importance of construction safety. The workers got together for a celebratory barbecue to pat ourselves on the back for being vigilant, reminding us to take care of ourselves and each other as we continue with construction.

We are proud of our team and they are on to their next goal to reach another safety milestone!

Calaveras Dam workers listen to the safety milestones reached at the project
at a celebratory lunch provided by the contractor
Dragados/Flatiron/Sukut Construction Manager Mike Mullich
congratulates heavy equipment Operator Gary Gatehouse on our safety milestone


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