Monday, September 22, 2014

Town of Sunol Fire Suppression System Project

Construction Update

Railroad Crossings:
Our crews have encountered difficult ground conditions at the railroad crossings that have affected our schedule.  We will likely have to use a larger drill rig to break through the rocky ground.

Starting this week, we hope to begin crossing under the Alameda County Rail Road at the intersection of Main Street, Kilkare Road, and West Foothill Road. The driving pit will be at the intersection of West Foothill Road and Kilkare.  If all proceeds well, the contractor will begin driving underneath the Union Pacific Railroad on Main Street in early to mid-October.

What to Expect:
* Crews will dig a deep pit on both sides of the railroad, and they will insert pipe from the driving pit at the intersection of West Foothill and Kilkare Road. The receiving pit will be near the Depot Parking lot.

* Kilkare Road will be reduced to one-lane traffic during daytime at the railroad crossing.  We appreciate your patience with the expected traffic delays in the area.

* Access through the area will be allowed at all times, but please prepare for delays.

* Crews might have to hand drill under the railroads to remove rocks - the equipment will generate some noise.

Bridge Crossings:
Crews will lay pipe across the bridges at Sinbad Creek on Bond Street towards the week of September 29th, and on Foothill Road the week of October 6, 2014.  Crews will bore through the abutments and hang pipe on the bridges.

Hydrant Installation:
The majority of the hydrants will have been installed at their marked locations by the end of September. There are a few hydrants on Main Street that will not be installed until after the jack and bore work is completed.  The hydrants should be available in November.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. The 24-hour Answering Line: (866) 973-1476 or or

Thank you for your patience!

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