Friday, July 25, 2014

We are halfway there!

The Calaveras Dam Replacement Project team reached an important milestone for the project this week. Crews have excavated more than 5.4 million cubic yards of earth and rock material at the project site. This material would fill approximately 1,656 Olympic-sized swimming pools. A total of 10 million cubic yards of material is required to be moved for the entire project--- 6.5 million cubic yards to be excavated and 3.5 million cubic yards which will go into the construction of the new dam.  In addition, 10,000 cubic yards of concrete to date has been poured and placed in the new intake tower and the new spillway structure. Much work still lies ahead, but definitely something to celebrate for our hard working crews from Dragados USA /Flatiron/Sukut Construction Joint Venture.

Crews gather to celebrate reaching over 5 million cubic yards of earthen materials excavated

Concete work at the new spillway underway

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