Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunol Glen School Students Celebrate Earth Week with Us!

What do ancient shark teeth, wasps nests, and owl pellets have in common? All were on display last week at the Sunol Glen School’s Earth Day Science celebration last week.  We were lucky enough to have been invited to participate, along with other local groups and leaders.  The kids, grades Kindergarten through eighth grade, learned about the importance of building a seismically upgraded replacement dam at the Calaveras Reservoir. Our project Geologist Bradley Erskine showed some fascinating fossils found at the Calaveras site during construction. The biggest hit with the students by far was a prehistoric shark tooth possibly from a Megladon, dating at approximately 20 million years old.  We had a great time answering questions about how water gets to your tap and the importance of the Water System Improvement Program to future generations.

Having met the leaders of tomorrow at Sunol Glen School, we know the future is in good hands! Sunol Glen Schools students proved themselves to be inquisitive and curious scientists at Earth Day on May 2nd

Geologist Bradley Erskine and Natural Resources staffer Amy Dawson share fossil finds from Calaveras Dam to the Sunol Glen School students

Sample fossils of prehistoric shark teeth dating over 20 million years old

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