Friday, April 25, 2014

Critters, Kids and Parents oh my!! All Tested their WSIP Facts at the Sunol Wildflower Festival

Community members and even an enthusiastic furry friend joined the Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) team to learn about water conservation, local wildlife and the Sunol Valley Watershed at the Sunol Wildflower Festival earlier this month. Visitors to our booth tested their knowledge of WSIP facts by spinning the prize wheel to with fun prizes. In case you missed the Festival, here are a couple of the most challenging questions:
· How many gallons of water does the washing machine use? 55 gallons
· Why would we have injected more than 8 million pounds of cement grout into the New Irvington Tunnel during construction? To seal the tunnel heading off from groundwater intrusion

A special thank you to our partners at the East Bay Regional Park District and Alameda Creek Alliance for hosting this wonderful event.

Our furriest of friends learned about WSIP construction projects in Sunol Valley

WSIP staff quizzed visitors on water topics with the WSIP prize wheel.

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