Friday, February 14, 2014

Pipe Installation for Backup Pipeline Approaches Finish Line

Sprinting to completion, crews have been working hard to install the pipe for the new 1.3 mile-long San Antonio Backup Pipeline, and it is paying off - they are almost done!! To date, about 85 percent of the 5.5-foot-diameter pipe has been installed in the ground for the new water pipeline. With the bulk of the pipeline installation behind them, crews have begun construction of some of the small above-ground structures and the discharge pumps at the quarry storage pond at the north end of the site. Once they cross the finish line in 2015, the San Antonio Backup Pipeline will add operational flexibility to our Sunol Valley water transmission system that currently serves 2.6 million customers.

The first 50- feet-long pipe segment was delivered in August 2013. 

 Crews prepare to set the pipe in the trench.  

Once installed, the pipe segments are welded together to secure them in place.

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