Monday, October 21, 2013

Quenching Thirst at the 2013 Sunol Glen Walk-a-Thon

Run, walk, and fill-up on water. Quenching the thirst of more than 250 children, ranging from pre-school to eighth grade, became the main focus during the 2013 Sunol Glen School Walk-a-Thon a few weeks ago.  Not only were the kids thirsty for water, but also thirsty for information and asked questions like, “Where does this water come from?” or “Is this really Hetch Hetchy water?”.

With several large Water System Improvement Program projects under construction just a few miles away from the Town of Sunol, the Sunol Regional Outreach team is always looking for opportunities like this to be involved with the community and the walk-a-thon was a perfect way to do just that.  We also provide drinking water to more than 160 residences in the Town of Sunol.

Again this year, our volunteers from the Water Supply and Treatment Division provided the famous ‘Got Water?’ truck and staff joined us to help distribute water to the walkers. Aside from a few mud splatters here and there, the system was a big hit and the kids loved refilling their own water bottles from the spigots. A special thanks to Dean Tdosa and Mike Ishman from the Water Supply and Treatment Division who were there to help keep the students hydrated.

The Sunol Glen Walk-a-Thon happens every year in October, and students have earned more than $350,000 for their school since the Walk-a-thon started 20 years ago. We look forward to being part of this Sunol Glen School tradition for years to come!


   SFPUC Team members helped distribute water and even some of the youngest participants enjoyed drinking Hetch Hetchy water. 
                                                                          Unique water spouts helped quickly distribute water to thirsty walkers. 

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