Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Your Challenge - When will our Tunnels Meet?

Sometime in the next few weeks, two teams of miners will meet hundreds of feet underground. One is excavating the New Irvington Tunnel eastward from the Vargas Shaft near I-680; the other is working its way west from the Alameda West Portal in Sunol Valley.

When will they meet?
Guess correctly and you could win a wonderful prize pack featuring gift certificates to local businesses!

Need a little help?
As of September 14, 2013, our miners have tunneled 5,044 feet east from Vargas and 8,758 feet west from Alameda West. In ideal ground conditions, crews have tunneled an average of 130 feet per week. When ground conditions are poor they excavate less than 20 feet. We have 405 feet left to go to hole-through as of September 14, 2013.

How to Play

The chart squares shown below correspond to a possible date and timeframe when the tunneling teams will meet. Selections already submitted by contestants are indicated by a “star “.
  1. Choose three squares and e-mail your choices to: mle@sfwater.org
  2. If your first choice is available, then you will be assigned that square. If the square is unavailable, then the next available choice is assigned. You will receive an email confirmation with your selection.
  3. Include the date and time you think the hole-through will take place. Squares will be assigned on a first come, first serve. Only one square is allowed per person
  4. Please include your name, phone number and e-mail address so we can contact you if you make the winning selection.
  5. Submissions will be accepted through September 29, 2013.  GOOD LUCK!

New Irvington Tunnel Project Background
The SFPUC is constructing a new 3.5 mile long tunnel to transmit water between the Sunol Valley and Fremont. The New Irvington Tunnel has been excavated from four different tunnel headings. The first two headings met each other in June 2012. This second and final ‘hole-through’ will mark the completion of excavation of the entire 18,660 ft tunnel. Following the hole-through, miners will prepare the tunnel for the installation of 8.5 ft diameter steel pipe, installed in 50-foot sections and welded together inside of the tunnel. This is a major milestone as the final project completion is near!

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