Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Calaveras Dam Completes Major Work on New Intake Structure

Our contractor recently completed the final concrete pour for the new intake structure, which is a key component of the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project.  This tower is the connection point for the water pipelines that draw water from the reservoir, before it is treated at the Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant and then sent on to our 2.6 million customers.

The contractor used 1,400 yards of concrete to build the new intake structure.  That is the equivalent to the weight of more than 12 cable cars!  At 214 feet tall, the structure is almost as tall as the height of the new Calaveras Dam (220-feet-tall). It took our crews more than 29,000 hours to construct the tower.

Crews still need to finish the exterior work on the structure, which will replicate the architectural style of the original tower that was built in 1925. The final external touches are expected to be finished in a few years’ time. 

For more project information, contact us at our 24 hour answer line at (866) 973-1476 or email

Original Intake Structure built in 1925

New Intake Structure in progress today

The Calaveras Dam team gathered to celebrate this milestone at the site

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