Friday, February 15, 2013

Update: New Irvington Tunnel Construction Activity at Irvington Portal

Excavation of the New Irvington Tunnel is more than two-thirds complete! The contractor has finished making the last of the necessary connections between the large water pipelines at the Irvington Portal. The contractor will begin ramping down construction activities at a portion of the site. The first step will be the partial demobilization and site restoration on the southern portion of the property.
Starting as early as February 20, 2013, the contractor will begin the process of removing some of the sound barriers at the project site. (See Map Below)
What to Expect
The sound barriers will be removed at the locations depicted in the map. The work involves removal of the panels and digging around the concrete foundation. Workers then remove the foundation and cut or pull the steel beams out. The excavated area would then be backfilled. Noise associated with sound barrier removal will include the operation of heavy equipment, back up alarms and concrete breakup.
Removal Hours
Sound barrier removal can take place Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We will continue to monitor noise and vibration in this area to ensure full compliance with strict noise and vibration standards set forth in the project’s Environmental Impact Report.
What’s Next?
We are not done at Irvington Portal, yet! Installation and burial of permanent portal facilities and security improvements will continue through 2013 into 2014. Site restoration for the remainder of the project site will commence in 2014.

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Areas in yellow highlight sound barriers to be removed,
areas in blue will still remain
 Photo of Sound Barriers

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