Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Planting Underway at Restoration Sites in Sunol

The majority of construction work at the Goldfish Pond and San Antonio Creek restoration sites has been completed. Crews at both of these Bioregional Habit Restoration (BHR) project sites in the Alameda Creek Watershed are now focused on the planting efforts.

At the Goldfish Pond Restoration project site, crews are currently planting more than 25 different types of plants, represented by the colored flags seen in these photos.These plants will help create various wetlands at the site. This planting work is expected to be complete in Feburary. We will continue to monitor the success of restoration efforts at this site through the year 2023! 

At the San Antonio Creek Restoration site, crews are planting a variety of grasses, shrubs and trees that total 300,000 plants to create both oak savannah and sycamore riparian habitats. All of the plants are expected to be in the ground in December 2013. We will monitor the success of these restoration efforts until 2023 at this site as well.

These projects are part of the SFPUC’s unique approach to mitigation and our environmental commitment that combines the impacts of several different WSIP projects into one suite of projects to maximize our ability to make significant habitat improvements for rare and endangered species.

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