Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Calaveras Dam hosts Delegation from one of the Largest Dams in the World

On November 30th, the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project team was honored to host a high level delegation from the Three Gorges Corporation from China.  Along with representatives from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), seven members of the Three Gorges Corporation visited the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project for a site tour.

The Three Gorges Dam and Calaveras Dam – both the existing and the new on under construction – are very different. Three Gorges is a concrete dam that is one of the biggest hydropower-complex projects in the world. Located on the Yangtze River in China, the Three Gorges complex sits on granite bedrock, which provides favorable topographical and geological conditions for dam construction.  Three Gorges Dam stands 594 feet tall, 7,661 feet wide, and has the capacity to hold 31,900,000 acre feet of water or over 10 trillion gallons of water. 

Calaveras Dam, both existing and the new one, on the other hand, are earth and rock fill. When constructed in 1925, Calaveras Dam was the largest earth and rock fill dam in the world. The foundation of both dams is a unique geologic mixture of Franciscan mélange and Temblor Sandstone.  In comparison, the replacement Calaveras Dam will be 220 feet high, 1,210 feet wide, and will hold 96,850 acre feet or 31 billion gallons of water. 

Despite the differences in the dams, the two teams found a great deal in common to discuss. The teams shared their respective knowledge about seismic reliability, fishery passage improvements, and overall dam safety. Calaveras Dam was one of many stops in the United States for the delegation. We wish them well on the rest of their journey.

Three Gorges Corporation Executive Vice President Mr. Fan Qixiang
and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Regional Project Manager Dan Wade

The Three Gorges Corporation Delegation, members of USGS,
and the Calaveras Dam Replacement Team at the crest of the dam

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