Thursday, November 29, 2012

Providing Water for Our Sunol Neighbors

Sunol Glen School and its 250 kindergarten through eighth-grade students form the heart of the Town of Sunol Community.So it was with much excitement that members of the community joined local Alameda County Supervisors at the school to officially break in the school’s new track with the school’s largest fundraiser – the Walk-a-thon.

With several large Water System Improvement Projects currently under construction just a few miles away from the town, the Sunol Regional Outreach team is always looking for ways to be involved with the community. This was the perfect opportunity, especially since the SFPUC is the local water provider for the school.

Our very own Justin Lyman and Dean Tolosa from the Water Supply and Treatment Division were kind enough to spend a few hours in the hot sun in October to provide much needed hydration to the walkers.

The event happens every year in October, and students have earned more than $350,000 for their school since the Walk-a-thon started 20 years ago. We look forward to being part of this Sunol Glen School tradition for years to come!

Justin and Dean from Water Supply and Treatment doled out more than 80 gallons of water to students and teachers alike in less than two hours.

The walkers, school staff and Eagle school mascot were all extremely grateful for the cool Hetch Hetchy water!