Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We are Building the Dam!

We are rocking out here at Calaveras Dam.  Not so much to the sound of music but to the sweet sound of haul trucks loading and dumping rock fill.  This week marks a big step towards building the new replacement dam. We dug down to the dam foundation back in August 2012 and we are now officially filling in rock material in the foundation for the new replacement dam. The fill material consists of rocks 30 inches in diameter, being moved at approximately 4,500 yards per day. Our bull dozers are equipped with GPS (global positioning system) units which detects the proper thickness levels as the materials are placed.  The first phase of fill material will be completed at approximately 100 feet.

Haul truck places fill material into the Dam Foundation

Bulldozer uses GPS technology to level rock material for the replacement dam

Rendering of New Replacement Dam with first phase of rock fill being placed
(Not to scale)

For more project info, contact us at our 24 hour answer line at (866) 973-1476 or email mle@sfwater.org

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