Monday, October 1, 2012

Post #5 David, Dan & Mikey: Having a Blast in Switzerland!

New Irvington Tunnel Project Manager David Tsztoo and Construction Manager Dan McMaster have been invited on a prestigious tunneling information and technical exchange with their tunneling counterparts in Europe. Since they are on their own time, they invited our Mikey to join them…. When last we left them they were in Strasbourg, France.

Thurs. Sept. 27th:

Most travelers to Sigirno leisurely browse through the cultural and natural attractions of this classically Swiss village…world class art museum, the Autumn Festival, or cruising Lake Lugano.

If you’re David, Dan and Mikey you might be looking for a little more action… maybe even explosive!

When our tunnel travelers visited the Alp Transit Gotthard Ceneri Base Tunnel near Sigirno, they weren’t going to find a single tunnel boring machine or road header on site. Instead the railway tunnel is driven in four headings simultaneously using mechanized drill and blast!

Workers prepare for a controlled detonation

Mikey in around the Ceneri Base Tunnel with some new friends

Deep underground a large rapid drilling machine is used to drill about a hundred holes in the tunnel face, and the holes are packed with explosives. When everything is set the detonations blast away several meters of rock off the face, crews remove the blasted rock, and the process repeats for the next round. David and Dan were certainly impressed and well Mikey… he likes it!

After all the excitement the three boarded a bus for the six hour drive to Bologna, Italy. David and Dan took this time to catch up on sleep. Not Mikey, though. He was his fun, energetic self, as usual.

What’s next for the crew? Two twin bore tunnels and a night in downtown Bologna.

Auf wiedersehen!

Before blasting in Switzerland Mikey huddled with the world's premier tunneling experts!

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