Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mikey's Travels: Post #3, Tunneling in France

Monday Sept. 24, 2012:
New Irvington Tunnel Project Manager David Tsztoo and Construction Manager Dan McMaster have been invited on a prestigious tunneling information and technical exchange with their tunneling counterparts in Europe. Since they are on their own time, they invited our Mikey to join them…. When last we left them they were in Zurich.

Our jet lagged travelers stumbled onto an early bus from Zurich to Saverne, France this morning.

After three hours, they arrived at the LGV East Saverne Railroad Tunnel Project to find a completely deserted site. No people. No tunnel boring machine. Turns out, the bus driver accidently took them to the wrong end of the tunnel! 

After a good laugh, the group found their way to the correct side of the tunnel to find their hosts at Vinci Construction patiently waiting for the lost bus.

Mikey, Dan, and David were quite impressed with the tunneling operations. The Saverne Tunnel Team later provided detailed project presentations to their guests. The tunnel is a twin bore through sandstone and softer ground, and at the time of their visit it was getting ready to bore the second tunnel heading.

Mikey and David checkout the Saverne TBM

Little Mikey made a lot of friends at the site.

Our travelers then headed to Strasbourg, France for a two-night stay.

Mikey enjoys Strasbourg, France.. and the French cheeses!
There the three enjoyed an excellent traditional French dinner (roast chicken, pate and salad, and dessert cheeses with breads, for you foodies) before turning in early to get ready for tomorrow’s technical presentations.

David, Dan,and Mikey visit the Strasgbourg Cathedral and take a break before tomorrow's technical sessions.

Au revoir!

Where were David, Dan and Mikey before Saverne?  Check out their Arrival in Zurich!

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