Friday, September 28, 2012

Calaveras Dam Replacement Project Celebrates 1 Year

This week marks a full year since  the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project Team broke ground in September 2011.   Over the past year, the Project Team achieved many milestones.

  • They moved more than 1 million cubic yards of excavated materials,
  • dug down far enough to reach the dam foundation,
  • completed an active water treatment system on site,
  • constructed the foundation of a supporting dike under a disposal site,
  • erected a soldier pile wall for the right abutment of the future dam,
  • began construction of a new intake shaft and
  • connected adits and tunnels to the system.
Through this major work, our team has faced many challenges and discovered unforeseen findings along the way due to the complex nature of the project site.  As the team continues to meet the many challenges with their shared sense of teamwork and joint efforts at problem solving, the team took a moment to celebrate the first year of construction. In the coming months, we will share more construction updates with you.

Calaveras Dam Replacement Project Team Managers L:R (Shawn Golden of Dragados USA /Flatiron/Sukut Joint Venture, Alberto Benlloch of Dragados USA /Flatiron/Sukut Joint Venture, Dan Wade of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Terry  King of the Construction Management Team, Jordan Sukut of Dragados USA /Flatiron/Sukut Joint Venture) celebrate one year of construction.

For more project info, contact us at our 24 hour answer line at (866) 973-1476 or email

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