Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Irvington Tunnel Challenge!

Tunneling excavation continues east from Mission Boulevard with the use of controlled detonation at a rate of approximately 12 feet per day. A road header travels west from I-680 at a rate of approximately 15 feet per day. When will the two meet?

Your challenge is to figure out the day and time you think the tunneling workers will meet. Guess correctly and you could win a prize pack featuring gift certificates to local business and other goodies! The chart has 101 squares each corresponding to a date and timeframe in June when the rendezvous could happen. Selections for this week are indicated by an “X”.

How to Enter

1) Choose your top three squares and e-mail your choices to:

2) Include the date and time you think the hole-through will take place.

3) Squares will be assigned first come, first serve. Only one square is allowed per person

4) If the first choice is available then the square is assigned to that person. If the square is unavailable then the next available choice is assigned.

5) Submissions will be accepted until May 31. Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail so we can contact you if you're successful!

Information to Help You Choose

In June, miners excavating the new tunnel from the Irvington Portal in Fremont will meet miners tunneling west from the Vargas Shaft. When it happens this hole-through will mark the completion of the Irvington-Vargas tunnel segment. The tunnel segment between Irvington Portal and Vargas Shaft is 4,500 feet long. As of April 28th, miners have tunneled 1,702 feet east from Irvington and 1,890 feet west from Vargas. Ground conditions dictate excavation. In ideal ground conditions, crews have tunneled up to 98 feet in a day. When ground conditions are poor they excavate less than 20 feet. Miners do not tunnel on Sundays. Good Luck!

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