Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Chance to Enter the Road Header Rendezvous Challenge!

May 31st is the final day to make your selection in the NIT Road Header Rendezvous Challenge!  As of May 29, mining crews are now within 265 feet of connecting the Irvington and Vargas West tunnel headings.

Your challenge is to figure out the day and time you think the tunneling workers will meet. Guess correctly and you could win a prize pack featuring gift certificates to local business and other goodies! The chart has squares corresponding to a date and timeframe in June or July, when the rendezvous could happen. Selections submitted by contestants are indicated by a star.

Update: If no one selects the square with the date and time of the hole-through then the “Price is Right” rule goes into effect.  The person with the closest selection without going over is the winner. 

 For example:

Jane from Fremont selects June 22 6:01PM – 12:00 AM
John from Sunol selects June 23 12:01 PM – 6:00 PM

The actual hole-through takes place on June 23 between 6:01 AM – 12:00 PM.  Jane is the winner because she guessed closest to the actual hole-through without overshooting her estimate.

How to Enter
1) Choose your top three squares and e-mail your choices to:

2) Include the date and time you think the hole-through will take place. Squares will be assigned first come, first serve. Only one square is allowed per person

3) If the first choice is available then the square is assigned to that person. If the square is unavailable then the next available choice is assigned.

4) Submissions will be accepted until May 31. Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail so we can contact you if you're successful!

Good luck!

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