Thursday, April 26, 2012

Calaveras Dam Tunneling Away

Tunneling is a daily occurrence for other Water System Improvement Projects like our neighbors at the New Irvington Tunnel; as of today the Calaveras Dam Replacement project has reached approximately 65 feet in tunneling for one of our three adits for the Calaveras Dam.
The new intake shaft will be excavated vertically about 200 feet in total. Entering through our new intake shaft, our team utilizes a roadheader, a piece of excavating equipment used to break through bedrock by drilling horizontally. Today, our new adit has successfully reached the existing intake tower, which connects the Calaveras reservoir water supply to the rest of our water infrastructure system. The adits function as connecting tunnels between the reservoir water which is fed through the intake tower and is eventually treated to supply our drinking water. The three adits, located at different levels, are able to transport water at different reservoir levels. Work will begin on the second and third lower adits as the shaft excavation progresses. Our team continues to comply with all the required safety requirements, utilizing a ventilation system through the duration of the tunnel work. View of roadheader looking down into new intake tower:
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