Monday, November 21, 2011

Ready for Rains

It’s been wet out there, lately. As the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project begins construction, the team is ready for winter rains. The contractors must be prepared to treat storm water runoff to protect the local creeks. Large areas of exposed ground created as part of construction have the potential to erode soils and impact the water quality downstream. The project has installed a treatment system to protect the local creeks. The treatment consists of removing any silts and clays that may be eroded from exposed excavation surfaces. The contractor has installed an active treatment system that consists of retention ponds and sand filters to clean turbid waters prior to discharging back to the Calaveras Reservoir. The treatment system is designed to manage a flow up to 2,400 gallons per minute, equivalent to approximately 57 bath tubs filled with water.

The treatment system is prepared to operate around-the-clock for the duration of the four year project. We currently anticipate treating approximately 270 million gallons water. As the project prepares to move over 7 million cubic yards of earth over the next four years, the treatment system and other erosion control features will help maintain the water quality in the Alameda Watershed.

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