Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Irvington Tunnel: A Year in Construction

The New Irvington Tunnel Project celebrated its first year of construction this past September. When complete the new tunnel will provide a seismically-designed connection between water supplies from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Alameda Watershed to Bay Area water distribution systems. Take a look at the important work taking place above and below ground:

Year One by Numbers:

1 Tunnel Shaft: At 115-feet deep and 41-feet diameter, the Vargas Shaft is the starting point for two of the tunnel headings.

2 Tunnel Portals: Carved into hillsides between Sunol and Fremont the Alameda West and Irvington Portals are access and exit points for the new tunnel.

3 Road Headers: Weighing in at a combined 127 tons these mechanical tunneling machines are grinding their way through 3.5 miles of rock.

76 Secant Piles: Drilled and poured 115-feet into the ground this interlocking circle of piles form the support for the Vargas Shaft.

3057 Feet to Date: Miners have excavated this total from 4 tunnel headings.

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  1. This is great. Hope you could finish it as soon as possible so that many people would benefit in the service it can give.