Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Construction Progress: What a Difference a Year Makes!

Construction for the Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project is moving forward rapidly and is now 44 percent complete. This summer the contractor has made significant progress. The contractor has finished all preparations and started micro-tunneling underneath Alameda Creek to build a new pipeline that will connect to the treatment plant. Also crews have made significant progress with the new 17.5 million-gallon circular treated water reservoir, including completing the installation of the concrete floor slab. Inside the treatment plant, a new treatment train is beginning to take shape. All of these elements together will help boost the overall efficiency of the treatment process at the facility, improving reliability and water quality.

See the photos below that show progress on the treated water reservoir that will act as a balancing reservoir for water as it leaves the plant:

September 2010

The early stages of excavation for the treated water reservoir

August 2011

The treated water reservoir takes its circular shape

Treated Water Reservoir Construction By the Numbers:
• 400,000 cubic yards of soil removed to construct it
• 40,000 cubic yards of concrete to build it
• 1,482 soil nails to secure it
• 1,160 piers drilled underneath it for seismic safety
• 2-3 feet thick floor slab installed

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