Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where Are We Now? New Irvington Tunnel Update

At the largest work site, Alameda West Portal, workers are maintaining steady progress. They began last week at a distance of 607 feet, but with the help of the robust roadheader and the highly efficient locomotive removing spoils from inside the tunnel, they were able to increase their distance by 48 feet and end the week strongly at 655 feet.

Tunneling began just over a month ago at Irvington Portal off of Mission Blvd. and work is rapidly progressing. On Monday of last week, workers continued from the previous week at a distance of 82 feet. With lots of hard work and the help of the roadheader grinding away, they ended on Friday at 146 feet. That’s an additional 64 feet in just one week!

Just off the 680 freeway lies the Vargas Shaft, where work began in early 2011. Tunneling has stopped for the moment as workers are busy drilling drain holes to discharge excess water from the tunnel, which will allow for easier tunneling. Tunneling will hopefully resume this week after which workers will be headed westward!