Thursday, May 19, 2011

KTVU Video: New Irvington Tunnel Project Underway

Want to take an exclusive look at the New Irvington Tunnel? Check out KTVU Channel 2's sneak peak at the construction taking place to seismically upgrade the aging Hetch Hetchy Water System.


  1. This link doesn't get to the video.

  2. Hello Bob –

    Thank you for your interest in the New Irvington Tunnel. We’re sorry you are experiencing difficulty viewing the video of KTVU’s coverage of tunnel construction. We have tested the link and the video and they both appear to be working properly.

    KTVU’s website does require you have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. To learn about this plug-in and to download it you may visit Adobe’s website: If you are trying to view the video through an iPhone or and iPad you will not be able to do this. These devices do not support Adobe Flash Player.

    If the problem is unrelated to these issues, please contact Francis Zamora, our communications liaison for the New Irvington Tunnel project, directly. Francis can be reached at