Thursday, March 10, 2011

@ Work: Deeper at Vargas

The Vargas Shaft gets deeper everyday and will soon reach its final depth of 120 feet. Here are some photos of the shaft at various stages. Feel free to guess the depth of the shaft and post your answers in the comment section. Sign up for the blog and we will send you the answers.

February 22, 2011: __ feet

Both photos on March 4, 2011: ___ feet

March 10, 2011: __ feet


  1. mar 4th approx 80 ft

  2. It has been over a month since we asked readers guess the depth of the Vargas Shaft based on the photos in the blog. Many of you were very close! Here it is:

    February 22, 2011: 24 Feet
    March 4, 2011: 60 Feet
    March 10, 2011: 86 Feet